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Tara Chirimar

Tara Chirimar


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Hi, my name is Tara Chirimar and I’m grateful I can share Beautiful Yoga with you.

BY is here to explore the beauty of yoga and make your world a better place. Yoga is for everybody and can be done everywhere. My mission is to make your world more beautiful so you can make the world more beautiful. For me, yoga is the art of living. Yoga gives us the way to a whole new feeling of physical and mental well-being. It gives us the power to stay relaxed and happy when confronted with the everyday challenges of modern life, and to live in peace in the present moment. I want to dedicate my life to sharing my passion for yoga as I walk this wonderful path and share with others the many benefits of great health, peace and happiness. I would love to share my teachings with anyone who wants to feel the many blessings of yoga and inspire those who don’t know yet the power of yoga.

Come and explore the beauty. Love to see you soon!

Namaste Tara

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