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Femke Bouwmeester

Femke Bouwmeester


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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My name is Femke Bouwmeester, I am perfectionist and driven to educate the world about what sport/nutrition and the right mindset can do for you. One day the uncomfortable will be comfortable. It is just a routine that you need to change. This is how I found my passion, my journey to become a personal trainer.


I will be your coach, maybe a motivator on bad days but one day the voice in your head. Inside me there is still a teacher, I will teach you how and why. That way you will understand how to make healthy changes; it will become a lifestyle. I focus my training programs on your needs and intrest, it is a fact that you will work harder when it is fun. But your health will be my first priority, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. Let’s find the balance between nutrition/training/rest in combination with your daily activities and (emotional)stress. If you find that balance, your capable to do incredible things!!!


  • Weight loss
  • Bulking/gaining muscle mass
  • Gaining weight
  • Nutrition schedules
  • Bootybuilding/female curves
  • Eating disorders
  • Bodybuilding
  • High intensity training
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