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Coralie Manusiwa

Coralie Manusiwa

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What is Yin/Yang yoga?
During Yin Yang yoga class you combine dynamic movements (Yang) with still postures ( Yin) where you stay longer in one pose which allows you to better understand the psychical, energetic, emotional and mental qualities of the pose.

The difference between Yin and Yang tissues?

  • Yin and Yang tissues are affected much differently with each style
  • Yang is considered more dynamic, because it stretches and strengthens muscular tissues with an emphasis on internal heating
  • Yin focuses on the connections in the pelvis, hips, and even the lower spine
  • Most Yang postures involve standing while most Yin postures involve sitting and laying down

What can you expect during a Yin/Yang class?
Each class includes both dynamic and active sequences that work on a muscular level. This builds strength and fitness (Yang) whilst the slower quieter practices (Yin) work the deeper joints and connective tissue. This helps you calm your nervous system. This way you create a healthy balance between body and mind.


  • At your hotel: € 85 – 110 per hour (for 1-2 persons)
  • At your home: € 60,00 per hour, € 80,00 per 1,5 hour

These rates are per person and based on one class at the convenience of your home, studio or at the hotel.

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Coralie Manusiwa

I took my very first yoga class at Yoga Shala in Bali. On my mat in this amazing place, my body slowly moved to the rhythm of my breath. This brought back a lot of fond teenage memories of my ballet classes at the Dance Academy. I realised how much I have missed opening up my body and feeling the energy flowing through me. That day the seed was planted and my passion for yoga started to grow.

Since then I have practiced different styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin. My main passion and focus is now Vinyasa and Yin especially blends these two styles into one practice, Yin Yang Yoga.

I have studied with a lot of amazing teachers who inspired me. I am eternaly grateful that they have been a part of my yoga journey.

Yoga qualifications

  • RYT200 Yin teacher training at Johan Noorloos teacher training Amsterdam (2015)
  • RYT200 Indepth Vinyasa teacher training at Johan Noorloos teacher training Amsterdam (2014/2015)
  • RYT200 Vinyasa teacher training at YogaLondon in London, England (2013-2014)
  • Classical ballet training at ArtEZ Dance Academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands (1983-1993)

What you can expect in my classes In my classes

I focus on alignment, building strength and flexibility, whilst keeping the ‘dance’ flowing through breathing. The energy and calmness that comes over me in all areas of my life once I step off the mat, really inspires me. I aim to share that feeling, passion and knowledge with my students.

Let’s flow together, see you soon on the mat!!

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NL, Amsterdam, Westerdoksdijk
NL, Amsterdam, Westerdoksdijk