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Coralie Manusiwa

Coralie Manusiwa


Vinyasa yoga at Yogamanise

Westerdoksdijk, Amsterdam
60 min

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Vinyasa Yoga

A flowing style of yoga, where you move your body to the rhythm of your breath to give strength, grace and freedom.


Why Vinyasa is good for you?

  • more energy
  • reduces stress
  • lowers tension in the neck and muscles
  • increases flexibilty
  • builds strength
  • improves your posture
  • creates a flowing meditation in movement by focussing on your breath


What you can expect during my class?
A Vinyasa class will typically start with a number of Sun Salutations. This will help you to heat up the body for the more intense stretching that is done at the end of class. Each class is different with a variety of creative sequences. By choreographing movement with your breath the whole practice becomes a moving meditation.


I’m a beginner yoga practitioner
Each sequence can be adjusted to the level of the practitioner which makes
Vinyasa yoga suitable for all levels.


What does the word Vinyasa mean?
Vinyasa means ‘to place in a special way’. In the context of Vinyasa Flow Yoga it refers to the specific sequence of poses that is performed between each asana. The performance of Vinyasa also creates heat in the body, allowing the practictioner to move deeper into each asana.


  • At your hotel: € 85 – 110 per hour (for 1-2 persons)
  • At your home: € 60,00 per hour, € 80,00 per 1,5 hour

These rates are per person and based on one class at the convenience of your home, studio or at the hotel.



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At your place

NL , Westerdoksdijk , Amsterdam