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Nicholas Papadimitriou

Nicholas Papadimitriou

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Discover the Composer in YOU!

Utilizing a unique and recently developed method, I aim to equip you with the necessary skills to dynamically generate music out of scratch, in your own style.

The contents of this course can be realised on any keyboard instrument. 

Nicholas Papadimitriou
Man 25 y.o.

For me, teaching music is a passion and an art form in itself.
It’s a journey that takes people to uncharted territories, expanding their knowledge, talents, and skills.

Using a balanced recipe between knowing, hearing and doing, my teaching approach aims to broaden your musical horizons and bring out your 'inner musician' in a fun and imaginative way. All my lessons are tailor-made to fit your specific case and goals regardless of your age or level, making sure that learning is an accessible and fun process.

Currently in the Master’s Program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, I am specializing in improvisation and on developing methods that promote creativity & innovation in music making and teaching. I am also active as an Organist, Pianist, and Composer and since 2016 I am the student assistant in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Centrum

NL, Amsterdam, Langestraat 19D
NL, Amsterdam, Langestraat 19D