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Sara Doguelli

Sara Doguelli

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Did you know that practicing Yoga and mindfulness at work can contribute to feeling happier about your team, make you more productive and give you an overall sense of balance?
Yoga and mindful movement has been proven to reduce stress. Meditation clears the mind and helps us to focus. Breathing exercises and gentle physical activity get your blood flowing and when you stretch your muscles after sitting all day you feel more energetic and healthy.
How does it work? Setting up a weekly or monthly session with me is simple…

STEP 1: Gather a group of people who would like to do Yoga at the office. You can make a whatsapp group or send out a group email.

STEP 2: Contact me. We agree on a time and place and I come to you.
STEP 3: We do a 60 minute Yoga session at your location.

STEP 4: Results! Feel renewed, relaxed and focused.

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Sara Doguelli
Vrouw 119 y.o.

With over 1500 hours of teaching experience, Sara shares Yoga as a means of finding peace and playfulness in life. The teachings of Yoga by Sara are holistic and include meditation, physical movement and breathing techniques. It is also greatly important that the physical practice is combined with the philosophy of Yoga, the moral and ethical guidelines to live by. 

Ancient Indian wisdom is combined with modern studies of movement and psychology and even business management techniques! The style of teaching is accessible – down to earth, science based explanations of how to feel physically well and mentally peaceful.

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NL, Amsterdam,
NL, Amsterdam,